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Shih-Chung Benedict Lo Biography


ShihChung Benedict Lo received his Ph.D. in Medical Physics from University of California, Los Angeles in 1986. He then worked at Philips Medical Systems Inc. as an MRI&CT scientist. In 1987 he joined Center for Imaging Sciences and Information Systems (ISIS) at Radiology and Oncology Departments of Georgetown University as a Research Professor for 27 years. Dr. Lo was one of earliest researchers in deep learning convolutional neural networks (CNN) since early 1990s. He also invented wavelet CNN (1995) and circular CNN (1998) and has performed research in optimization of wavelets and filter bank unification theory through CNN. Since early 1990s, he has collaborated with industrial partners and has produced more than 10 FDA cleared AI products for effective detection of early stage lung cancer and lung diseases.  In 2014, he moved to Arlington Innovation Center: Health Research, Virginia Tech.

A spectrum (more than 30) of Dr. Lo's CNN papers can be found at Researchgate.

Recent publications in preclinical studies (FAD cleared) for rib-suppression chest x-ray and vessel-suppression chest CT can be founded at: 

CV attached here: